Breast Reconstruction Risks

Aug 9, 2014 by

A breast reconstruction surgery is becoming very popular these days. Before someone decides to have this surgery, they have to think really careful about this and decide if the benefits will achieve ones goals and if it’s ok for the person to bear the complications and accept them. A lot of women worldwide never think that they are pretty enough. They always find something that need to be fixed about themselves. Usually these fixes are the breasts.


A lot of studies and surveys showed that a lot of women are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts, size, or shape. That is why many women want a breast implant or a breast reconstruction surgery.

If you decide to have this procedure done there are a few regulations and risks that you need to think about. In the beginning your surgeon or one of the staff members will ask you to sing some consent forms in order to ensure that you understand the procedure and the risks involved. The possible risks of a breast reconstruction may include infection, bleeding, and anesthesia risks. Not everyone will have these risks happening to them. It is mostly about your luck and about your surgeon. It is very important for you to remember to pick your surgeon very carefully. You want to make sure that the surgeon is the best one that you can get. Because a reconstruction surgery is not extremely major, the operation is often performed in a hospital setting and your doctor will use general anesthesia.

Overall the decision is in your hands. You have to decide and be certain that you truly want an operation like this. You have to also understand that some risks are involved. If you think that this surgery will make you happy then go and do it. But if you are having second thoughts, don’t do it.