Buying Peptides? Read the Frequently Asked Questions

Nov 6, 2016 by

If you are planning on purchasing peptides either online or at the local stores in Canada, here are some of the questions frequently asked by buyers. Use them to get all the information you need so that you purchase good quality peptides without a lot of hassles-:

What purity of peptide do I need?

The purity of peptide you need to purchase will be determined by your intended application or assay. Generally, the recommended peptide purity people should by is > 90% purity.


What is the recommended scale of peptides I need to purchase?

This will depend from one manufacturer to another, with most of them recommending a peptide synthesized to the scale of 5mg. There are however no major differences between 1mg scale and 5mg scale.

What is the estimated delivery time of the peptide after purchase?

The delivery time of peptides from the manufacturers or sellers in Canada vary widely and it also depends on your location. Most of the orders, however, are delivered between two and four weeks, but if they are difficult peptides, then the delivery may take a slightly longer duration. Inquire from the manufacture or the vendor about the specific times of delivery before you make your purchase.

What are the best storage conditions for peptides and how stable are they?

Most of the peptides will be delivered as fluffy lyophilized substances. In this form, the peptides are mature and stable to premature decomposition. The recommended storage for this kind of peptide is at temperatures of -200C.

If the peptide was delivered when dissolved in a solution, it is recommended that it be stored in ambient temperatures at 400C. The following are the recommended storage conditions for peptides-:

  • Use sterile buffers at slightly acidic conditions for storage
  • Store the peptides in small aliquots in solutions don’t repeat freeze-thaw cycles
  • Store at temperatures below -200C for stable peptides.