Mdpv:- Introduction and Description

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MDPV is Methylenedioxypyrovalerone and it falls in the category of psychotropic drugs. This drug acts as a Norepinephrine dopamine re-uptake. This drug has stimulatory effects on the central nervous and cardiovascular systems. Initially you are going to feel great by taking this drug but once addiction is developed it is hard to overcome the situation. Withdrawal symptoms are also hard to live with. This drug comes in the category of research chemicals. It is also available with some of the vendors online. This drug is legal in some of the countries and others have banned the use of the drug.


This chemical is available in powder form in white color and tan powder, the tan powder is very rarely available. In its basic form this chemical is a gel like and has yellow green color. It has a chemical nature and sweet floral aroma.  This drug is sold as a legal high and bath salts. This drug is the most preferred because of its active ingredient. There are several names given to this drug. On the packages that is delivered it is written for novel use only. People call it by different names such as blue silk, cloud nine, fake cocaine etc.


This drug is not approved for human use. In the United States it is also not used for the medical purpose. In the year 2011 DEA put a ban for one year on this drug. Not only United States but different European countries have also completely banned this drug. This drug is used by the adults and teenagers. This drug is being used as alternative to cocaine, aphrodisiac effects, for desired psychological effects and other

Side effects

There re many side effects of this drug and it is not meant for human use.  There are some deadly side effects associated with the use of this drug such as movement disorders, damaged kidneys, abdominal pain, cognitive changes, increased sweating, Parkinson’s disease and much more. These are also long term effects that a person might suffer from. Mdpv is used by sniffing the powder and is also used as intravenous injections. It also has drastic effects on sleep