What Do You Understand by Mdpv

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MDPV has been a short form of the drug Methylenedioxypyrovalerone. It has been a renowned psychotropic drug. Both the central nervous system (CNS) and the cardiovascular system would be affected by the stimulatory effects of this unique drug. MDPV would also act chiefly as NDRI (Norepinephrine dopamine re-uptake inhibitor).

Common appearance of MDPV

MDPV has been mostly made available in the form of a powder in either tan or white color. Nonetheless, tan variety has not been as much readily available as the other variety in the present times. In addition, the basic form of this chemical has been yellow-green gel, which has a sweet floral aroma.


Presence of MDPV

MDPV has been found commonly in most extensively used products such as bath salts and legal highs. In the examination of the various aforementioned products, it was viewed that MDPV has been an active element of the mentioned products. It has been specifically mentioned on the packages of this drug that it would be for novel usage only. MDPV has been renowned as fake cocaine, cloud9, blue silk and more.

Legality of MDPV

MDPV has been illegal to use in United States for various medical purposes, as it has been a renowned psychotropic drug. However, one year ban was also put on this popular psychotropic drug by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in October 2011. This psychotropic drug has also been prohibited in several European countries.

Common uses and users of MDPV

Young adults and teenagers have been the major users of this chemical, as per the law enforcement agencies. Most of MDPV has been used as a replica of cocaine, whereas others have been using it as an aphrodisiac.

Preferred psychological effects produced by MDPV

MDPV enhances the alertness and concentration of users. It would also cause aphrodisiac effects on them. This drug would also reduce sleep and hunger in the user. On the contrary, it would enhance stimulation of cardiovascular system along with that of the CNS.

Adverse effects caused by MDPV

Consumption of this drug could lead to enhanced sweating, abdominal pain, damaged kidneys, movement disorders, Cognitive changes for long-term, Psychosis and more.

Usage or administering process of MDPV

Users of this specific drug would smell the powder for getting high. Unlike a plethora of other drugs, this drug would not be injected.

As MDPV has been known to affect adversely on the health of the user, it would reduce their hunger, sleep along with causing several other diseases.

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